Loran Myers is one of the greatest people I have ever met, and considering he handled the burial of the most important living being in my 40 years on earth, I needed that. If you have a pet, and you care about being treated with compassion, INTEGRITY, HONESTY and professionalism, when you have to say goodbye to that pet, whether it's for cremation or burial, go to Memory Garden for Pets in Watkinsville. This man actually made me laugh and smile when I was going through the worst time in my life. His prices are so fair too, that I did not have any added stress of feeling I was being taken advantage of, just the opposite. He is worried about his clients, not how much you pay him. He works with you, and gives you lots of options. I highly, HIGHLY recommend you call Loran when you have to say goodbye to your pet. I feel so much peace knowing my Toby's resting place is at Loran's memory garden!
Jill H., San Diego
I am so very satisfied with the caring service I received at Memory Gardens for Pets when my beloved dog died while at UGA's Vet Hospital. (I am also very happy with the vets at UGA as they did everything they could for my dog.) Mr. Myers could not have been nicer to me and the personal attention they gave me was amazing, and all over the phone, too. The cremation urn is lovely and they shipped the cremains to me and included all sorts of helpful information. I've had two other dogs cremated locally and the service was very good, but the personal attention and caring I felt from Mr. Myers was just outstanding. I cannot recommend Memory Gardens for Pets highly enough.